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Sub Typing of EPMDocument (CAD Document) - Really needed?


Sub Typing of EPMDocument (CAD Document) - Really needed?

In the usage of CAD integration ,When should we really use a sub type of and EPMDocument?

Having a multiCAD environment is a probable valid scenario?

My opinions:

Basically subtyping should be used if you are going to have clear scenarios where some EPMDocuments should behave in
another way, for example in case ofACL.

If there is a necessity to have 2 or more different set of attributes for each type of EPMDocument to determine the behaviour
then, is this a valid case of subtyping of EPMDocument?

Iam looking for valid scenarios and how only the subtyping can address the requirement?

What are the pros and cons of subtyping EPMDocument - CAD ? Additional maintenance burden is probably the first one..


Hari Varadharajan


I have Use Cases that (IMO) are valid...  Windchill 11, M030


Multi-CAD environment; Solidworks and AutoCAD.

  • Different OIR's are required to support manual numbering of Solidworks (based on autonumbered WTParts) and automatic numbering of AutoCAD (used for 2D Drawings that do not "describe" a WTPart)
  • Ideally, I'd like to have different subtypes within the SW file types to differentiate (part/assy) models from Drawings.  With manual numbering, having to add in the file extension into the number to guarantee uniqueness is clunky with a fairly high probability of User "error" and resultant frustration.

This being said I'm having trouble getting the sub-types to work.  The Create CAD Document screen only has the OOTB CAD Document available for selection.  I suspect this has something to do with setting attributes in the Type and Attribute Utility but there is nothing referenced in the Documentation other than needing to set the DefaultCADDocument in the xml file.  (I came across this by looking for a solution to my challenges)  


Please check out below Support Article on Hope it will be useful to get your work done.


Article CS41665

How to check-in a CAD Document into Windchill PDMLink with a sub-type of EPM Document?



Pankaj Mooteri

Product Manager, PTC

Update... I got things working by abandoning the template type (dwt, prtdot, asmdot etc) and approaching like a Pro/E (sorry folks, it will always be Pro/E) starter part/assembly/drawing file.  Works fine now, get the same end game effectively.  Maybe I missed something, but the template file extensions did not seem to be recognized and there was nothing that I saw in the documentation that provided any clues.

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