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Summary of Intralink Ghost Instance


Summary of Intralink Ghost Instance

Original question in blue:

I have a problem with a model wanting to retrieve an old instance.

Intralink 3.2
ProE 2001

Model abc.prt has about 40 versions in Commonspace.
Model abc.prt used to have an instance x.prt from versions 10 to 20 in
Drawing abc.drw only has one set model. That is abc.prt
Model abc.prt has no external references.

Here comes the problem:
When you try to retrieve the drawing from Commonspace, the retrieve list has
three objects:
And the instance x.prt from an early version of abc.prt.

Another problem:
If you try to retrieve an assembly z.asm, that uses abc.prt, Intralink tries
to retrieve the assembly z.asm with two same part numbers, the latest
abc.prt that has no instances and the early version .20 that has the
instance x.prt.
Then you get an Intralink retrieval error because you cannot get two objects
(abc.prt) with the same name.

How do I fix this without having to purge abc.prt from Commonspace?
I do not own that design and someone may want later that old version that
has the instance.

Answers that I got:

What you describe looks to me as a typical family-table-verify problem.
Up to now, all similar questions I investigated, turned out to the same. The
old version of abc.prt wasn't properly verified before checking in.

Make sure that in the drawing you delete the ghost model from the drawing
model list. It is not enough just to set the active model to the model you

When working with Intralink and family tables, you must ensure that you
verify all instances in ProE before saving back to Intralink......

I've got to believe that your x.prt is still referenced in your drawing and
assembly. Are you sure it is not in the list when you go to views, dwg
models, set model? Also check the global reference viewer for the
assembly. Then check the relationship report in INTRALINK.
It sounds like you already checked those things but it can't hurt to make

Thank you all for your help. Although it did not solve the ghost instance. :(((

Ronnie A. Shand
Mechanical Engineer