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Translate instruction task

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Translate instruction task

Hello users.


We use Windchill 10.1 and within our work processes we generate tasks for users.

These tasks tell users a series of instructions to perform.


Changing the browser language changes everything about the task received by the user except the instruction text. It is a value from the statements field within the activity tab within the task object.)


Would there be any way to translate these instructions as it is done with one's own objects and attributes?

Any solution that does not involve sending the text in several languages (since it is limited to 2000 characters) would be useful to us.


Many thanks,




  1. The easiest way is to open a workflow template and update text on the activity tab.
  2. Or create a custom template for this task

@ivan_feofilov This is not that easy! As I understand it correctly, he wants to have the instruction in different languages. So when the UI is in English, the instruction is also shown in English. When the UI is in German, then also the instruction is in German. This actually OOTB not possible. Since a lot of companies in Europe are working in a multi language environment, it's a problem, which is also in WC 11.2 not solved. 

Perhaps somebody has another idea? I have asked PTC since multiple years for a solution. And since most of the workflow data utilites are private a not overwritable, also a customization is not that easy.

Technically this can be done (e.g store localized instruction attributes in the Assigned Activity object and use this value in the form template),  so you need to post an Idea to this thread:


From my point, the easiest customization is:

  1. Create custom taskform_jsp_template.jsp
  2. Replace code in the template:
    1. from: <tags:taskPanel propertyModel="${propertyModel}" attrs="workitem_instructions"/>
    2. to something like this
      String  workitem_instructions= getInstruction(...)%;
      Locale locale= getLocale();
      String localized_text=WTMessage.getLocalizedMessage(RESOURCE, workitem_instructions, null, locale);
      out.println("localized text: "+localized_text);
      //RESOURCE - static rbInfo file with localized text
      // Need to specify resource id instead of text in Activity editor // or you can invoke Azure or Google API for runtime translation it works pretty cool %>


@ivan_feofilov could you please explain a little bit more the first idea with the attribute? Thanks

The second with the custom task form is for me not really a good way, since the native task templates won't work anymore. That's something the user really like to have the exact information on the right place.

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