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UI modifications and tweaks


UI modifications and tweaks

I am seeking some user interface customizations to support our rollout of Change Management. These don't appear to be controlled by any preferences, so I assume that they are more significant customizations. If anyone has any clues about how they might be changed, it would be greatly appreciated.

First, we have noticed that in the Comments field of the Routing History of a CR, a long comment will either truncate and add "..." or truncate and add a hyperlinked "...", as shown.

(As it appears)
(Hovering on the top Comment)
(Hovering on the bottom Comment)
(Hovering on the link)
(Clicking the link)

Does anyone know the character threshold that controls this behavior? We would like this to ALWAYS result in a HYPERLINKED "..."

(Also note that the comment text 2.5" x 4.0" has changed to include " instead.)

Second, when viewing a CR, the middle menu of the details page always defaults to Related Objects | Affected Objects. We would like to change this to ALWAYS default to General | Attributes and Content.
Third, like the CR, the CN always defaults to show Related Objects | Implementation Plan. We would like the CN to also default to General | Attributes and Content.

Any comments are appreciated,



You can change the default highlighting of an action (i.e. something other
then related objects) on the third level navigation via stickiness
preferences. I'll look for something specific for you. The customizer's
guide indirectly talks about these. PTC Technical support via a
customization call can also show you how to do it.

Having "." appear requires changing the preference (can't recall what it is
right now) that tells you how many characters to display before truncating
and appending an ellipsis. Basically if all you want to see if the ellipsis
so users are forced to click, set it a very small number. Now does this
also change other areas where an ellipsis is used, probably. It would be a
less heavy customization to write some JavaScript to change that column then
to really customize the UI as designed.


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