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Using Product Templates

Using Product Templates

I have been trying to get my head around the use of Product templates
and what is contained in them. I downloaded the OOTB templates "General
Product" and "Product Design" to see PTC's use case examples. Inside of
the .xml files all the main sections have been nicely commented out.
This has been very helpful in understanding the file structure.

So here are my questions:

1. Do Product templates reference Team templates? From what I see
it doesn't look that way. It appears the roles that are associated to
the Product team are referenced one-for-one when the template is saved.

2. If Principals are assigned to the Team when a Product template
is created do they get exported as well?

3. The OOTB "General Product" has domains with sub domains. For
example, under the default Product the template creates domains for
Contract MFG, Engineering, Management, Manufacturing and Sales. I don't
see any additional access control rules at these sub domains. So the
question is, without having access control rules at these sub domains
what is the point of creating them?

4. From the Product main tab, what is the difference between:

* Save as a Template

* Export as Template

5. From the Template sub tab, what is the difference between:

* Download

* Edit

* Check-out

6. Is there any reason/benefits/draw backs to creating templates
at the Site vs the Organization level? The OOTB templates are created
at the Site level.




Using Product Templates

1. Product and Library templates can include Roles / Principals that form the Context Team, but have no relationship to Team Templates.*

2. Yes

3. Was not aware of this.

4. Save as is internal - result is a Template in Windchill; Export results in a file that can be imported (to another system possibly).

5. Download provides a file, same as Export in #4. Edit allows minor edits to the Template in place; Check out is a subset of Edit but only locks the Template so no one else can edit it.

6. No difference unless you have or expect to have multiple Organizations, and possibly want the templates to differ.
*Teams include (terminology not strictly consistent in PTC's documentation):
- Context Teams (in Product/Library/Project)
- Team Templates (at Site, Org, lower)
- Shared Teams
- Team Instances (tied to each Change Request for example, created from a combination of above)

Using Product Templates


When I try to do a "save-as" of the product a folder gets created in the
following location:
c:\ptc\windchill_9.1\windchill\loadXMLFiles\content\CSE\<save-as name=">

While the directories get created I do not see any xml files.

Can you confirm this behavior?

From: Lockwood,Mike,IRVINE,R&D [

Using Product Templates

Haven't ever experience this and haven't had to. Simply either save as template internally or export as file.<br /><br />From: Joseph Cugini [mailto:-]<br />Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 11:07 AM<br />To: Lockwood,Mike,IRVINE,R&amp;D<br />Cc: -<br />Subject: [solutions] - RE: Using Product Templates<br /><br />Mike,<br />When I try to do a "save-as" of the product a folder gets created in the following location: c:\ptc\windchill_9.1\windchill\loadXMLFiles\content\CSE\&lt;save-as name="&gt;<br /><br />While the directories get created I do not see any xml files.<br /><br />Can you confirm this behavior?<br /><br /><br />From: Lockwood,Mike,IRVINE,R&amp;D []

Using Product Templates

Just realized when you do a "save-as" the template gets stored at the DB
level and shows up at the organization level.

Thanks for the help.

From: Lockwood,Mike,IRVINE,R&D [

RE: Using Product Templates

Item 3. I've never seen this behavior in an OOTB installation, but my current test system is an older 9.1 release and there could have been a template change I'm not aware of. The General Product Template creates folders, but not domains associated with those folders. Even if domains were to be created, there would not necessarily be any access rules defined OOTB for those. Remember, OOTB templates are starting points to configure a solution that fits your business requirements.

It is certainly possible that your template has been modified from its OOTB state.


Using Product Templates


Attached is the OOTB General Product Template that comes with the latest
build of 9.1. You'll notice that folders and domains are commented out.
I uncommented them to have a look at what would be created.


RE: Using Product Templates


Thanks for clarifying your findings. Do you have any further questions?


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