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Using WBM For Migrating Creo Data From TC to WNC


Using WBM For Migrating Creo Data From TC to WNC

Hi All,

We are approaching a complex project where we need to migrate ~400K Files (prt/as/drw), latest ONLY, from TC environment to WNC 11.1 We intent to do it using WBM.

We completed the formal training of PTC and we are able to install, configure & run data loading of sample data.

As we are currently planning the process and we have some question where we looking for "trusted advice" from the experts.


some of the question are:

1. is there and prefered way to load the data ? should it be wiser to load first parts, then assemblies and then drawing or it makes no difference?

2. is there any recommendation for amount of items to run at each load ? we understood that going "all at once" for the 400K items, we be problematic due to performance issues. is it ? if do, what is the recommended chunk ?

3. Is there any known issues with loading OLD creo files? customer has file from Pro/E 16.

4. Is there any known issues with loading Creo Family tables files?

5. Is there any active steps we need to perform in order to increase success ratio ( other that practicing the process several times... ) 

Should one of you is able to give some advice / suggestion and willing to share experience, it would be very appreciated.


Many thanks,

23-Emerald II

Things may have changed but here are some of the things we considered at a prior company loading data into Windchill v7.


Load the parts first, both product and library, then the assemblies so they can pick up the parts and finally the drawings.

You may want to utilize Modelcheck to update your part/assembly/drawing parameters as they will be different than what you had in TC. This only works in MC batch and we had a custom program written to process all of the files we migrated from Intralink 3.3 to PDMLink 7. The program was done by an outside company and took a few revisions to get to process the files correctly.

I know we had to change some Windchill parameters for better performance when doing the bulk load and then change them back for the typical interactive usage.


Other than that, test, test and retest on sample data to be sure everything is going in the way you expect it to.