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Weird add to workspace problem


Weird add to workspace problem

We have a user that can't add files to his workspace. The files exist in the system, others can add them to their workspace just fine.

When you pick the item and select manage security. He appears to have all the rights he should have to add the files to his workspace and even revise them if needed.

The event manager shows this error for all attempts:
The object with the following key was deleted or inaccessible. Wt.epm.EPMDocument:288401808

Local cache for source "Failed Request" is having incomplete information
I really think this is a role, group or some other permissions problem.

Any ideas would be helpful.

David Haigh
Phone: 925-424-3931
Fax: 925-423-7496
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
7000 East Ave, L-362
Livermore, CA 94550


RE: Weird add to workspace problem

David, We have a "Report" set up in our Windchill enabling us to find the "EPM Document" based on the ID Number. See attached picture. Does the CAD object file name of the ID number match the CAD file name the user is adding to the workspace? Here are a few things that come to mind as possible solutions/issues.

1) Clear the user's cache information on the server.

2) Check to see if the user has a partially lockedinstancein the active workspace or even in another workspace, (ie generic.prt, instance1.prt, with instance2.prt locked) This will wreak havoc with Windchill/Creo Communication.

3) Make sure all the instances reside in the same home(folder) as the generic.

4) Does the user havevery many new objectsin theworkspace? There is a setting that drives the "copy drawing" checkbox when copying assemblies or parts in a Creo Session in a save as operation. We had all kinds of issues with this setting when theuser would copy a large assembly...because in our environmentthe required dependents were not in the worksapce. A bunch of ghost files with same name exists get generated because the "new" drawing wants all the dependents.

Bill Ryan

Peterbilt Motors Company

RE: Weird add to workspace problem

Make sure the user has modify rights to the data and thet their workspace is actually connected to the product. It may be they are using a workspace connected to a different context and only have 'read' access to the dta they are trying to add to the workspace.

Simon Lucas

Weird add to workspace problem

Has he created a new workspace to try this? While I'm sure you know they get corrupted from time to time, we might as well cover all possible solutions.

Is he in the same groups/roles as the other users you've tested with? If not, change him to one of those groups/roles.

Weird add to workspace problem

Looking for a way to compare users inside of WindchillDS?

We created a test user by using "create a similar user" from the problem users account.

We assigned the account to a group that has access to the required products and libraries.

This test account now has the same problem as the existing user. Some files can't be added to the workspace and we get the following error in the event manager.
The object with the following key was deleted or inaccessible. Wt.epm.EPMDocument:288401808

I'm thinking there must be something different about this user account. I looked at the access log in Windchill DS but that doesn't point up any errors.

Is there some more robust method of comparing user accounts in WindchillDS as opposed to looking at the account info page in Windchill? The account info page shows the user to be identical to users that don't have this problem.

David Haigh

Weird add to workspace problem


I found the best way to compare users in DS is to export an ldif file and
open it in Excel. You can then filter/search on the username. I don't
think you will find the answer in DS, it holds user and group information
which you can see in Participant Administrator.

If you could identify an EPD Doc that cannot be added to Workspace, you
could select Actions, Manage Security and explore the security setting for
different users. I think I have a query builder report that might provide
the Number of the EPM document based on what looks like its object id. Let
me know if you need it.

Good luck.

J.P. Vanasse

JPV Enterprises


Weird add to workspace problem

More strangeness, but at least I know a bit more of the behavior, but have no idea what would cause it. By the way this is Windchill 9.1-m070. Creo 2.0-m060.

We used "create similar user" to create 2 new users. On created from the user that is having the problem, the other from a user that has no issues.
I also create a test user using the new user process. All users created at the site level.

All the new user exhibit the same bad behavior when adding to the local workspace in Creo.

Here is a summary of what is happening

1. Picking an assy to add to a workspace from within Creo will most times fail.

a. However, the files required for that assembly will show up in the users server side workspace.

b. While these files are in the server side workspace you will not be able to add any files to the workspace in Creo.

2. After deleting the files from the server side workspace, you have to synchronize the Creo workspace.

3. Then you can add parts, and family table parts, to the workspace individual and in small groups.

4. After adding all the part files for an assembly you can add the assembly.

5. Some smaller assemblies you can add without doing the pre-add of the part files.

a. This is risky, because if it fails, you have to remove all those files from the server side workspace first.

b. Any of those files will prevent other files from being added to the workspace from Creo.

c. Essentially any failure to download the files to the local workspace creates a lock preventing the user from adding anything else.

i. You have to delete the files from the server side workspace and synchronize the local workspace in Creo before you can add files again.

Looking for any helpful ideas.

On this network Creo is run from a network install. So all users have the exact same version and config issue. Since I've been working with these test users I know that there are no custom configs that they created.

David Haigh