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Windchill 10 URL-Based Search


Windchill 10 URL-Based Search


My company recently upgraded to Windchill 10.0 from Windchill 9.1

Previous, we are able to quickly bring up a document if we knew it's number by doing opening the following URL:

The "BasisRef" variable was a customisation, so they documents could retain their legacy database reference.

Is there a way something similar can be done in Windchill 10.0?

I know that each document gets a unique ID, which appears after the WTDocument%3A tag, but I only have the actual number.


Ideally, if there is a way to search with a URL query like this, that would be great:


Thanks in advance!


Dear Wilson,

This is probably a JSP customization that should be compatible with 10.

First you need to copy the jsp from the old system to the new installation


then retry this link.

Note that if you are planning to adjust the jsp file, make sure you switch to dev mode on the tomcat and never work directly on a production system.

It may or may not work, depending on the other supporting files you might need. When you try to access it, it should provide you an error that will help you determine other resources you may need to copy.

Best Regards,



Hi Simon,

2 questions:

Why to switch to dev mode in Tomcat?

How to switch to dev mode in Tomcat?




Any JSP page is compiled into Java by the tomcat engine. It decides to do this if there is no java code available in the work area or the date and timestamp of the source file is later than the current available compiled version. However this last check is only relevant if the tomcat is put into dev mode. If you type "tomcat" into the WHC then it gives you the command. As it has a very slight overhead (really nothing) a production system should never be put in dev mode, when we deploy new or updated JSP our install process deletes the tomcat cache for the pages concerned, Deleting the whole work directory is another option but it requires the tomcat engine to recompile all pages that mean a few moments waiting for each page the first time it is used.

Here is the extract from the WHC



Running Tomcat in Development Mode

When developers are working on customizations to a solution, you can run Tomcat in development mode. In this mode, Tomcat automatically recompiles JSP files when changes are made.

To change to development mode:

  1. Start a windchill shell and change to the Tomcat installation directory.
  2. Enter the following command: ant -f config.xml configureJspEngine -Dmode=dev
  3. After development is complete, return to normal operation by entering

  4. ant -f config.xml configureJspEngine -Dmode=prod