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Windchill 11.1 DTI MS Visio support


Windchill 11.1 DTI MS Visio support

Hi there,


I am currently designing a process involving MS Visio Drawings. I was heavily disappointed when I found out that even in 11.1 there is no support for MS Visio within the Desktop Integration of Windchill.

Any Idea if this is on a current roadmap for a later release?


However, I am sure many of you use files which are not supported from within its native application by the Desktop Integration. MS Word for expamle works like a charme.

As I am very new to Windchill, could you please tell me how you work with files like these?

In my opinion it is a real pain to make changes to a file once it was uploaded to Windchill:

1) Find the WTdocument object (okay)

2) Check out the WT document object (okay)

3) go to the primary content info page (not okay)

4) download file attachment and open the local copy (not okay)

5) edit the file (okay)

6) upload the local copy again via "Edit" from the WTdocument Action menu (not okay)

7) Check in (okay)

😎 delete the local copy from your file system (not okay)


There has to be a more intuitiv, easier way of doing it. It is not only a matter of Visio files, but with all except docx, pptx, xlsx.


Any idea and experience within your work environment is very much appreciated.


Thank you in advance,



I agree with the above, not being able to check out and check in directly from the Visio application causes the risk of work going missing and being overridden if one doesn't understand that you need to upload the document manually through the local file method.


Is there any movement on the Windchill .Net Office Add-In being extended so Visio will accept the add in, at the moment it says its not valid? I wouldn't have thought this would be difficult to do since its part of the same family of applications.


Kind regards,