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Windchill 12 UI/UX no changes !!!


Windchill 12 UI/UX no changes !!!



Just installed Windchill 12 version. no updates in terme of ui design. We even can't tell if it's an 11.2 or 12.


Anyone knows why this new strategy from PTC ? will the big new version be 13 or 12.1 ?


Capture d’écran 2020-06-24 à 10.39.17.png



What kind of UI updates were you hoping for?  I am legitimately curious.


Our company and users are new to Windchill 11.1, so happy that 12 is also similar look and feel for user change management and training perspective. And we haven't yet matured our use of Windchill even 10% into the full Windchill scope of pdmlink/mpmlink/partslink and service modules.

To illustrate my poste here are some pictures from previous versions. Even if windchill 11.2 is the most rich and stable version ever I was expecting a new look of windchill 12 or why don't call it 11.3 then, especially because I have the felling that version 12 includes less innovations than what was introduced by major previous versions except if someone can argue the inverse ...



Windchill 6 (Template Processor)



Windchill 8 (DCA)



Windchill 9 (Introduction of spring MVC)



Windchill 10 ( Extended MVC and EXT JS components)


Windchill 11 and 12 (introduction of angular components and removal of applets)


PTC has stated that 12.1 will be the long term version. 

No UI changes is good from a training perspective.

There are many reasons for naming it 12.0 that we the users may not see. The primary one is a data structure change behind the scenes that is needed to do further changes to 12.1.


21-Topaz I

According to all usual conventions, this does not make sense.

As a rule, most programmers will set the major changes to the first number and the updates the dot numbers.

xx.xx.xx (12.0.0)


Then here comes PTC saying 12.1 is the major revision?  Why?

23-Emerald II

Check out the Product Calendar. 12.0.2 will be the long running release. release June 2020 support end date March 2021 release Q4 2020 support end date September 2021 release Q2 2021 support end date June 2024


This really complicates things with the support end dates as I need to get to Creo7 from where I am now, but don't really want a short term solution that involves multiple upgrades within a year.


Windchill 11 m030 CPS 6, 8 & 16

Creo 4 m080


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