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Windchill Enterprise Parts, O&V and Creo Options Modeler (M-BOM Transitions)


Windchill Enterprise Parts, O&V and Creo Options Modeler (M-BOM Transitions)

I am curious if there is anyone with real world
experience using WTParts for E-BOM's with the intention of utilizing O & V.
Our goal is to utilize an overloaded bill of materials then apply options and
variants to generate an end item or specific aircraft configuration. In
addition we would like to define most of the CAD options independent from
Windchill but have the capability of structuring to the top level E-BOM having
never created an assembly in CAD. Then allow the visualization build the
Aircraft using the Option Modeler functionality for visualization purposes. I haven't
drank the cool-aid but if possible this would really streamline our processes.

Does anyone know of any threads, websites, Consultant,
VARs, individual, etc... that would have real world knowledge and experience
configuring and executing to first start out with a single configuration and
going into O & V and then the Options Modeler? My search only ever brings
me back to PTC's GSO.


We are in the middle of a major initiative to do exactly what you
describe. We are taking things further by having the overloaded
"Engineering" E-BOM with its own overloaded "Manufacturing" M-BOM with
parallel Process Plan (MPMLink) such that when we generate a Variant from
a single Variant specification, we get a single variant with a
down-selected variant E-BOM with CAD models, where they exist, variant
M-BOM, and variant process plan for the M-BOM. Out of the box in 10.1 all
of the extra views are going to require customization to get the E-BOM and
M-BOM on the same variant part number. Also, the creation of the parallel
Process Plan for the M-BOM will require customization or a lot of manual
effort. We have heard that the M-BOM and Process Plan can be the same
thing in future versions of Windchill, but we can't wait that long to get

This is really complex, and we would be happy to talk to you at some
point, or maybe once every few months to share ideas and experiences. You
can e-mail me off line if you are interested.

Al Anderson
Solar Turbines Incorported

[solutions] - Windchill Enterprise Parts, O&V and Creo Options Modeler
(M-BOM Transitions)

Marc Hendrickson

Al, I can not find a means to email you back. Is there a way for oyu to email me privately thru the exploder?

This is on my long term to do list, I would like to be part of the conversation. I'm really interested in talkiing to someone who is, or will be using MPMLink.


5-Regular Member

Hi Guys, This is a topic that has got my attention too. we're currently researcing the ability to do Options and Variants in Windchill. I would really like to see how the Options and Variants functionality of Windchill is used in a complex product like an aircraft?Any examples material will be much apreciated. Screenshots of how Options Pool,Option Sets,Assigned Options Set and WT part product structure looks would help allot thanks. Intrested in knowing how Option sets are made up, and how it gets assigned to WT part product structures. We Design & build trucks with various product variant configurations and is in serious need of streamlining our E-BOM to M-BOM BOM manipulation process.



Lourens du Toit

Bell Equipment

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