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Windchill Login Credentials

Regular Member

Windchill Login Credentials

When a user logs into Windchill they have the ability to put a check in
the box "Remember my credentials" Is there a way to disable this
requiring them to login each time?

Thanks in advance,


Windchill Login Credentials

You can with a Windows group policy.

Windchill 10.0 Project Link - How do you quickly get a list of all documents in a project?

Windchill Solutions Group,
We are moving from ProjectLink 9.0 to Windchill 10.0. In ProjectLink 9.0,
there is a "Legacy Reports" section under a Project's "Reports" tab
containing a report called, "Documents" that "Displays all document in the
project." Our users have come to rely on that report to quickly get a
list of all documents in a particular project by navigating to a project,
then clicking "Reports," then "Documents."
In Windchill 10.0, PTC Tech Support says that they removed the "Legacy
Reports" section because they thought nobody used it. I have to believe
that there is an equally easy way from inside a project context to get a
list of all documents in that project with 2 clicks or less without having
to copy/paste or find a project context with a picker in the search page,
or using a saved search for every project a user belongs to. At one
point, I had hoped to use a "View" to look at all documents, but the views
in the Folders section only show documents at the current level that the
user is in instead of all documents in all folders below the current
level, so that does not work, either.
>> Does anyone know of a Windchill 10.0 method to quickly and easily view
all documents in a project? I'm being asked to make a custom report to do
this (i.e. to make 10.0 look more like 9.1 in this regard), but I would
just hate to make a customization to do something that must be out of the
box somewhere.

Thank you.
Al Anderson
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