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Windchill - Oracle Integration Questions


Windchill - Oracle Integration Questions

We have a project this year to star the process of integrating Windchill (9.1) with our Oracle ERP system (11.5.9).

If you integrateed Windchill and your ERP system what technology did you use? (Please provide a URL if possible)

Thoughts on choosen technology?

Did you have to customize?


Steve D.


PTC may have a solution for you. There is a module they sell called ESI and I think it might do exactly what you are looking for. It's a full two-way integration unlike the ERP-Connector solution. The ESI module only supports some of the bigger players like Oracle and SAP though. Let me know if you need more info and I may be able to put you in touch with someone who has more experience

Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer


Hi Steve

First I would recommend you to think through the entire process, gather and
document the requirements, which system owns what, real time/batch mode
interface etc.

As you have well established Windchill and Oracle ERP systems in place, I am
sure you might have realized the requirements capture activity.

As the second step, I will take a look at the existing Adapters,
capabilities. Going through the documents under PTC reference documents
section seem to be a very good starting point.

On performing a gap analysis, one can decide upon the customizations

PTC User conference is another viable avenue as it gives opportunity for
attending the ERP related sessions, booths as well as one on one interaction
with users those have implemented ERP interfaces.

Just sharing my thoughts.

Thank you and have a great time.

Best Regards

Swamy Senthil

Principal Solutions Architect

973 216 0456(M); 973 324 2729(W); 866 908 6561(F)

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Thanks Swamy and Steve for your replies. Currently we own ESI for
Oracle, but have not implemented it nor purchased the required
info*engine licenses. Fr the past 5 months we have gone through and
done a value stream mapping exercise on our current process from
concept to obsolescence. We identified our pain points, moved some in
scope for this project and others out of scope as they would not
addressed by integrating our two systems together. We are nearing the
end of the project definition phase and will be shortly embarking on
more of the technical aspects.

I was hoping to hear peoples feedback around what their experiences
were whether they used ESI or a different technology to integrate
their two systems.

I will be at PTC/User and plan to visit the vendor booths and sit in
on any ERP related sessions.

Thanks again for the info,
Steve D.

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We have integrated Windchill and Oracle using PTC's ESI. We did
do some customization. I did a presentation on our use of ESI
a couple years ago at PTC/User. I can send a copy if you want.
I will be at PTC/User this year as well if you want discuss
ESI in more detail...


Hi Ron,

I have been following through this thread and am looking at ERP integration also using Omnify and PDMLink 10.2

Your presentation sounds like it could shed some more light on the situation, are you able to send this to me please?




Hi Dipesh,

The presentation is attached.


We are purchasing and implementing Windchill, we are integrating Windchill to  our ERP system; Oracle 12.1.3

I'd be very interested to hear how the Oracle Integrartions have gone, what you learned, and what you use today for ERP integration.

Best regards,