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Windchill Patching Documentation

Windchill Patching Documentation


Do any of you have any documentation about the patching process for Windchill or Recommendation docs,

I have seen a patch for an issue with Windchill 9.1 M060 for Duplicate tables and am not sure if our VAR has applied this through a later patch or not so I wanted to find information which will tell me whether the patches roll into the next version

Thanks all



Windchill Patching Documentation

If you need to know which patches are currently installed do the following:

1- open a Windchill Shell

2- run the following command "windchill version"

3- Look towards the bottom of the output to see which additional patches have been installed.


Steve Vinyard
Application Engineer

Windchill Patching Documentation

Hi Steve,

Thanks for this but what I wanted was a patching process or procedure doc
that shows what Procedure PTC take with Patches, do they incorporate older
patches into the latest patch or do they ALL need to be applied

The one I was looking at was patch_9.1_m060_TP92, my system shows the
following which is a patch for people that have updated from an earlier
version of 9.1 to 9.1 m060 which we have but wasn't sure if would be
included in a later patch or if patches are a fix item then all get rolled
into a service pack. I think its the later but wanted to be sure


Best Regards

Chris Collinson
CAD Administrator

RE: Windchill Patching Documentation


PTC discovered a data integrity problem with M060 after it had been released and patch TP92 was released to fix it. The data integrity issue was caused by a problem in M060's update_tool which has to be run as part of the update process when you update from an earlier release.

As the update tool is a run once update task and existing M060 users must not run it again, there are instructions in the TP92 patch for exsiting M060 users as to how to fix their installations.

If you are updating from a previous release and have not yet run the update_tool, you don't need to perform the fix in the instructions, all you need to do is to load the M060 software using the installer, but _before_ running the update_tool (which is the next part of the update process), apply the TP92 patch. This will then fix the update_tool which you can then run and this will result in you having good and proper M060 installation.

This TP92 patch will be rolled into the next maintenance release which will be M070, so for example, if you had a 9.1 M040 release and want to update to 9.1 M070 (when it is shortly released), you will not need to install TP92. It is only for the issue in the M060 update_tool program. Temporary Patches (ie TP patches) only fix a specific issue, they do not roll up fixes like Maintenance updates do and they are only relevant for the maintenance release that they were written for.

Hope that helps



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