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Windchill email notification when queue entries are severe

22-Sapphire I

Windchill email notification when queue entries are severe

We've put in the same tech support call several times, asking how to set up so that Windchill will email alist of people when any queue has a severe queue entry (JConsole has this as an advertised feature). So far, we get close but can't get it to actually work. No help from tech support except to point us to the same documents about to how to configure JConsole to email - which don't have enough detail.

We currently have a few workflows with some type of intermittent problem - maddening. Each time,they result in a wf queue that is at severe, with the message "null pointer exception." So far, every single one has been resolvedby simply setting Severe to Ready - but, we have to constantly monitor it.

So, does anyone have automatic email notifications working when queue entries are severe (thru JConsole or other)?? We'd love to learn from you whatever details we're missing to actually get this to work - I'll owe you (another) beer.

thanks in advance


Never mind - figured it out - lots of emails...

Hi Mike,

I am also looking at the same kind of email notification for severe entries in WfuserWorkQueue and WfPropagationQueue and came across this post. Would you please share the steps followed to enable this.

If you are looking at ways to enable this email notifications, this is sent from the JMX beans. You can configure this from  Console -

Specific queue related attributes are here - From the SMJconsole

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.01.40 PM.png


Binesh Kumar

Medtronic - MITG

Thanks Binesh, Notifications are already setup. I am looking at an additional notification whenever a queue entry chnages to Severe state, so that the administrator can take appropriate action immediately.

I'd almost want to focus on trying to resolve those intermittent problems. From the sounds of things you have a hard-coded problem in those workflows, but you only get hit by it if the users go through a very particular route of the available decision points and I'd guess it's one of the less frequent ones (like a particular type of Rework loop). Null Pointer Exception sounds like a possible problem with the Attribute calculations, i.e. one is missing.

If you're willing to share the info:

-What's the workflow in question?

-What step do you see it stuck at in the Process Manager when you're getting hit by the Null Pointer Exception error, or one of the others that causes the Severe queue problem?


From what I have seen, the entry gets into Severe state because of an unresponsive BGMS. Most of the times, resetting the queue entry works and at times this along with a restart of BGMS works. The workflow in question does't have much coding into it and also the error does not occur for any particular route.

same was also asked here:

Article - CS178083 - How to set email notification if WfUserWorkQueue and WfPropagationQueue moves t... 


PTC says:



Does anyone know about an existing Product Idea regarding this topic?