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Workflow & Publishing


Workflow & Publishing

At the conference last week I attended the talk "Make Your Workflows Smarter".

They indicated that it is possible, using a workflow robot, to create pdf's when an object is released.

Obviously in a 45 minute talk you can't really get into the nitty-gritty details of how to do any one thing. So I'm wondering if anyone can point me to some documentation that shows how you would instruct the productview worker to publish something from a workflow? From all my talks with technical support, I was essentially told there isn't any way to do this.

What I'm doing now is publishing on check in and on a state change.

David Haigh
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RE: Workflow & Publishing

I believe you can find the information you're looking for in the Windchill Customization Guide, in the section entitled "Custom Publishing". You can find this documentation in the Windchill Help Center or in the PDF version of the guide ( on In the PDF file, the information begins on page 1129.

I hope you find this documentation useful; please let me know if there are ways to improve it!



Jane Zupfer
VP, Windchill Publications

Workflow & Publishing

Thanks for the link.

One thing I noticed in your pdf is at the bottom of page 1134 there is some over typing which will give you a head ache if you look at it too long.


David Haigh

Workflow & Publishing

Does anyone know the email address for William Kunz from Alcon?

Does anyone have the extended presentation from Publishing and Viewing
Document using Creo View session?

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RE: Workflow & Publishing


I am not sure what the end goal is but if it is to create a pdf outside pdmlink on certain life cycle state, there are plenty out of the box software that does it for you.

We currently use since 2009 PSW from Etrage. We select which folders need to be monitored and which state will trigger the creation of the pdf. The pdf are then stored outside pdmlink. This is a transparent process for the pdmlink user.

We have published over 60,000 drawings with PSW since 2009. We are very pleased with the software.

Best regards

Workflow & Publishing

Somewhat along the same lines - in 10.1 M010 you will be able to get additional "derived" files:


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