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A way to auto assemble components? MapKey ProProgram


A way to auto assemble components? MapKey ProProgram

Looking for a way to automate the assembly of a structure. Maybe someone could help me out. 


What I want to do.

I am looking to assemble about 2000 Components into an assembly. (All Unique Components)  I do not want to do it manual. They are all driven off a pattern of Coordinate system for placement. 


What I have tried. 

1. I am trying to use PRO PROGRAM but Cant figure out how to make it insert a new part. I can replace parts with pro program but not build a new assembly. 

2. I have tried a map key. (Way to manual) 


Any Ideas or Pro Program Experts who could help me out?







This is just a wild thought, but maybe you could use an edited trail file? I've not looked at them in ages, but you might try starting a new session, loading your assembly, then inserting one of your components. Then take a look at the trail file (usually trail.txt.#, where "#" is 1, 2, 3, etc.) You might be able to edit it to repeat the insertion command(s) for each of the components you want to load. It'll take a bit of editing, probably, but a macro-capable editor will make it relatively painless.

Thanks, Ken (Why didn't I think of that) I'll report back soon as I give it a try.  

Why go through the headache!? We have written and maintained code that does
the trick out of the box. We should at least have a discussion, right?



Check out our website, we have a product aptly named AutoAssemble:


We also have a product to automate the creation of skeletons and placement of Csystems. 


We are a toolkit development team dedicated to helping Creo do things it can't out of the box. 


Drop me a line at - we would love to chat.

21-Topaz I

Component interfaces support automatic assembly of components. It is more work up front to set up but could possibly enable your Pro/Program approach.

Involute Development, LLC
Consulting Engineers
Specialists in Creo Parametric

+1 for the Component Interfaces.


We don't "auto assemble" components, but we build completely configurable assemblies with PRO/Program, Family Tables, Interchange Assemblies, Copy/Publish Geometry, Component Interfaces, Execute Statements, etc....all driven by Excel.


Can it be a headache? Yes it can, but in the end we are building more robust assemblies.

I'm agreeing with you! 100%


That's why we wrote code to do all of that...

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