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Automatic name generation in "Assembly Save A Copy"


Automatic name generation in "Assembly Save A Copy"

Dear all,

we quite often receive some CATIA CAD-data from our customers.

In Creo3 it's no problem to open the CATIA files and to work with it. But we have decided to save the CATIA data which we receive into some Creo-files. Because this is easier to work with and generates less work-space...

The CATIA-files quite often have a lot of smaller parts in it, and when we want to save a Creo copy of the CATIA-files, we have to rename all of these files.
We rename these files with a number in it, but it takes a lot of manual work to rename these files by hand.

2016-09-22 17_00_17-Assembly Save A Copy.jpg

Now my question is, if somebody knows a way to do this renaming in a automatic way?

I've tried to do this by use of "File -> Save" and "File -> Load" (in the "Assembly Save A Copy"-window). But this doesn't seem to work when the "Action" is on "Extract"...

Can anyone help me with this? Because this will save us a lot of time!

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I believe you'll find your answers in this thread:

Possibility for renaming using template box tool

Essentially, there is a way to export the list of component into excel, where you have better tools to automate the specification of new names.  You then import this list back into the save-as dialog box.

23-Emerald I

That's a keeper!! I'll be trying that one out next import.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your answer! I already knew this way of working (as I tried to explain in my question). But unfortunately it doesn't work when the "Action" is on "Extract"...

Oh, I see I haven't read your original question very well

I don't suppose Creo lets you extract with "default" names into a temporary Creo assembly, then rename that one...  Maybe it is because the CATIA names are too long, or they have illegal characters?

Did you try the manual template method?

Taking your example, - you have a set of original components named:




Try this:

1. Start the save-as command and get to the screen in your original post.

2. Select the components you want to rename

3. In Name/Number generation section below, switch on "Use Template", and specify this rule:

proprietary_blah.blah.premium_audio_*.CATPART = 160922_xxx_6622_*

4. Click "Generate New Names" to see if that will get you part-way there.  I know the numbers won't be right, but you could save this assembly, then rename it to your exact needs using the Excel method.

Well, I've found a "work around":

1. I use the Name/Number generation section as you said, and I make the names a lot shorter (because they were too long)

2. I save the file as a temporary assembly

3. I open the temp assembly and I save a copy. While doing the "save a copy" I can do a rename with the excel function. (this won't work by doing just a rename).

It takes a while to do it in this way. But it's easier and faster than renaming the 760 parts by hand...

Thanks for your help guys!

Well, now I have a new problem:

The file which I received today has some spaces in the Catia-part-names. And I don't know how to remove them:


The problem is that I can't remove them with the "Use Template" in the "Name/Number Generation" section by use of template " " = "_".
Is there another template to remove some spaces?

And is there a way to use more then 1 template at the same moment eg:

*DRIVERS* = * D*     AND    *AUDIO* = *AD*

I really don't know if there are any other more advanced options to this ptc poor-man's regex, and I think it only tolerates one * match.

But I'd try this template:


(XXXXXXX is the exact copy of the string portion that is blurred out in your screenshot)

It seems to me that should generate names based on just the unique # portion of the original filename.

I already tried this, but it doesn't work, because CREO won't take some spaces...
It looks to me that CREO has some problems to rename CATIA files.

Sorry, I don't have experience renaming objects that have spaces in it - as I only dealt with creo files.  I think you should open a case with PTC for this one.

Hi Paul,

thanks for your response... I gave up hope to find a solution for this. So we have to do it by hand.

Problem is that we are not under maintenance anymore with PTC, so I can't open a case with them.

Thanks for your time!

I don't think you need to do the 2nd save-as.  It can be just a rename operation.

Just keep in mind that the File->Save function in the Assembly Rename dialog box will only save those lines that are tagged with Action  = "New Name"

I've tried it with just one save-as action and a rename operation.

But in the rename-operation I was not able to do the excel-operation, and in the 2nd save as action I was able to do the excel operation.

I think there will be no other chance to rename all parts by hand,... because Creo seems to have to much conflicts with Catia-files...

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