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BMP file in proe drawing


BMP file in proe drawing


I'm trying to insert BMP file into drawing. All I receive is black icon
with file name. What should I configure to have that file in good
resolution. I know that it is possible.
I tried on WF2 M250 and WF3 M220.

Thanks in advance

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Instead of going

Insert > Object > Create From File >

Try this:

Insert > Object > Create New > Bitmap Image.

This will insert a small window in the Pro/E drawing. Then, open your .bmp
in MS Paint, select the whole thing, and copy it. Go back to pro/e, and
double click on the small bitmap window. Now ctrl ? v to paste the copied
image into the window. Resize as necessary, and there you go.


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Another user posted the following reply back in Feb, if you don?? want to miss with the registry, you may have to keep paint opened in the background while you insert.

Insert - Object

We always use BMP files, Pro/E (WF3) uncompresses the jpegs anyways.

Also found that the windows registry must have HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bmp (default) = Paint.Picture

Thank you, Jim Flores

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