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BOM Question


BOM Question

Does anyone know how to export a comprehensive BOM of an assembly that includes all sub assembly parts also? The issue is that when I load sub assemblies into the main assembly, the individual sub assemblies are listed in that BOM, which I prefer, but, I would like to also generate a comprehensive BOM of everything that I can export to Excel containing all the down parts. This way it can be easily handed over to our material purchasing dept. and not require myself to self populate one from scratch by going through all sub assembly BOM's and adding them to one complete list.


here, try this.

I tried this but, my BOM file is saved as an .html file and there is no other choice in the drop down. By the way, I am using Creo 2.0. Not sure if that makes a difference or not?

23-Emerald II

You can open the HTML file in excel. It works surprisingly well.

the initial output file from pro is a text file.

you may have windows file associations telling you differently.

when you open excel and import the output file from pro, it should read it in.


Uhmm, I stand corrected.

I have a config option that I think affects this:

info_output_format text

May want to see if that is what you have in yours


Hi Ron.

This is just what I need, but the macro fails with "Unable to get the Match property for the WorksheetFunction class".

I suspect that my BOM is not being outputted from Creo in the same format as yours (your text file does not look like the standard Creo output).

Can you let me have a copy of your format.bft file so that I can match my BOM output to yours?

Many thanks and a great piece of work.


First, please note the config option:

info_output_format text

this may be set in your system as html.

I captured a smaller assembly output file as explained in sheet two of the instructions and attached it for you to look at and perhaps try out

the "Generate_BOM.xls and the output file will need to reside in the same folder so when you open Excel, the macros will find the output file.


this one worked for me but my boms do not

will attempt to change output file in config

Is there an updated version to this?

This is what I need but when I attempt to open the .bom file via Excel I get

"run-time error '1004':

Unable to get the match property of the worksheet function class"

and to either end or debug

I attempted the debug but I have no idea what the code for (micro visual basic)

"last row = application.Worksheetfunction.match("listing of parts", range ('A-A"), 0) - 2"

is and I have the feeling if i were to correct this one that there would be another after it is corrected

I am using creo 4 and windchill 11

23-Emerald IV

The other option is to create a BOM on a drawing (or report).  The repeat region can simply be set to "recursive" so all components will automatically be listed.

23-Emerald II

If you use Windchill, you can create a custom table under the structure tab and export that.

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