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CREO 3.0 fills the part surfaces with color when mouse is over


CREO 3.0 fills the part surfaces with color when mouse is over

Every time I go over a part with the mouse, CREO 3.0 fills that part with color.

It makes it extremely hard to select anything, or even to view the part.

And the worst time it does that is when in Assembly mode, the only way to be able to select is to magnify like crazy.

This is stupid, frustrating and very time consuming. Tried to turn if off to no avail.

Please see clips attached.

Does anyone know where to turn this feature off? 

Thank you!


It appears to be preselection highlighting is turned on. Try turning it off.


Disabling Preselection Highlighting
You disable preselection highlighting by clearing the Enable preselection highlighting check box in the Options dialog box (File > Options > Selection). Note that you can also set the prehighlight configuration option to no(default is yes).



Do you have a PTC certified GPU on this computer? The application of the color is painfully slow compared to anything I have seen when running Creo.

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I have an ASUS laptop for gamers, RoG STRIX GL753VD-DS71. 
I don't play any electronics games (one exception 30 years ago, Prince of Persia and that was it for me), but I purchased this laptop specifically for CREO in 2017, for two things alone: 
- 17.3 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel 127 PPI, LP173WF4-SPF3, LED IPS, not glossy screen

- NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (Notebook) - 4096 MB, Core: 1354 MHz, Memory: 1752 MHz, GDDR5, 376.19, Optimus.

The display was good at the beginning, but to my chagrin it degraded with time, which I suspect is a problem with the drivers. More so, this laptop seems to have two graphic cards, one is lower quality (Intel HD Graphics 630) and the other one is the GeForce with 4 GB of dedicated memory.

Despite all this, the display is **bleep**tier than on a 300 dollar laptop with integrated graphic card.
I think I read somewhere that the GeForce does not kick in unless you are playing games on this laptop, so I really paid a lot of money for nothing in the end -- only good thing about this laptop is the large display, but I could have gotten a similar one for half the money (at least).
So yes, you are right, my display sucks, and I have no idea if the GeForce I have is a PTC certified GPU -- where can I look for that? And if it is, tough luck, I can't use it unless I find a way to force it in use for everything else. I could disable the Intel one, but I have no guarantees that the other one will kick in, I am afraid to risk it, this is my only CREO computer. Without it I am dead.

Many thanks!!!

nvidia's cards that was meant for CAD work are the quadro series.


But with an 1060 you shouldn't have any problem unless you are doing some advanced stuff (big assembly,simulation, complex surface modelling)

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