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Creating searchable Acrobat output from RS Designer


Creating searchable Acrobat output from RS Designer


Is there a way to print/SaveAs the sheets in an RS Designer design as
a text searchable Adobe Acrobat pdf file? There is no SaveAs option
for pdf, and when I print to the Windows Print Manager, and then
select the Acrobat printer, I get an Acrobat file with all graphics
and no text. I understand that there is an OCR option in Acrobat, but
I would like to export it with the embedded text, not fix it after the
fact. It is a requirement for our end customer, and I recall there
was a SaveAs option in Pro/DIAGRAM which saved as a searchable pdf.
I'm sure there is something obvious that I am doing wrong. We are
using RSD 6.0 M030 and Acrobat 8.0 Standard. Thanks in advance!

Akbar Husain PE

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Firstly RSD 6.0 M030 ...... wow that is a very old version!

I strongly recommend you upgrade to Release 8.0 however if you are not sure then please take a look at the following enhancements for R7 and R8

RSD 7.0 Enhancements

· Central Catalog as opposed to the internal catalog

· Ability to launch Windchill WGM from with RSD

· Improvements to Layers

o Alphanumeric naming

o New dialog

§ Sort layer by names

§ Visual feedback of settings

§ New short cut options

o Ability to set layer name via a property

o Option to print hidden layers

· Inlining into cables

· Variable group enhancements

o Simplified UI

§ Simple UI for single element shapes

§ Collapsible dialog for hidden members

§ Display name of sheets if instance exists on multiple sheets

§ Option to display logical name

o Controlled Creation

§ Option to display preview

§ Shapes can be built upwards of downwards

§ Control order of members prior to instancing

§ Control display of member prior to instancing

o Improved Editing

§ Set spacing for multiple members

§ Move or Fix fibres when re-ordering members

o Updated JAVA API

§ Update API JRE 1.4.1

o New Control for Fiber Direction

§ RMB for individual segments (Existing functionality)

§ Change fiber direction using Report Tool

§ Inc cross sheets

§ Change fiber direction for all segments using Java

§ Reverse report selected fiber direction

o New Symbol Library

§ Updated Catalog

§ Over 1,000 Symbols

§ ANSI (Y32.2-1975), CSA (Z99-1975), IEEE (3151975

o Improved Compression for Design Archiving

§ 70% Smaller *.rsd files

o New Tutorials

§ Basic Tutorial

· Overview of feature and functions

· Links to Pro/ENGINEER cabling design capabilities

§ Advanced Tutorials

· Configuring Work Environment

· Configuring Designs

· Configuring Design Sheets

· Creating Catalog Shapes

· Creating Cross-Reference Shapes

· Manipulating Variable Groups

· Configuring Reports

· Using Java Apps

RSD 8.0 Enhancements

o Shape Label positioning

§ New option to constrain angle of label relative to design sheet

o Constrained option locks angle relative to the design sheet

o If unselected, angle is relative to shape

o Fiber Label positioning

· New options to control Fiber Label display

· Control position via dimension

· Specify orientation

· More control for start and end position

· Easy access to edits via Fiber Properties

o Pro/Diagram Migration

§ *.dge exported from Wildfire 4.0

§ Maintained design intelligence

· Wires, Cables, Parametric Connectors, Components, Multi View Components and Highways

· Tables

· Retain Font information

o Terminator Table Support

Now to your question

Well the bad news PDF's are not searchable in any released software HOWEVER keep an eye on this link


Just to let you know RSD 9.0 C000 is now available should satisfy your

I have attached an example PDF that has been exported from RSD 9.0 C000
for your convenience.

Simply update your license pack and download RSD 9.0 from the software
update page on WWW.PTC.COM

Below is some of the highlights of RSD 9.0

Enhanced Productivity
Draft groups - 94% reduction in clicks
Highways - 75% reduction in clicks
Inline connectors - 50%-90% reduction in clicks
Multi-shape fibers - 93% reduction in clicks
Move to sheet - 70% reduction in clicks

New Capabilities

Insert break - 50% reduction in clicks
Extend across sheets - 30% reduction in clicks
Dual ports
Variable group spacing
Design Presentation
True type fonts

Extended Data Exchange


Extended Language Support
Simplified Chinese

Lastly details of the enhancements can be found using the following link