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Creo 3.0 Sheetmetal tutorials - all in one


Creo 3.0 Sheetmetal tutorials - all in one

Hi all,

I have created Sheetmetal tutorials for you. In this tutorials you can learn quickly and easily - How to use Sheetmetal features.

Note: if you need to learn something more about Creo features - leave a commnet here Thanks.

I will try to prepare some other and new examples for Basic and Advanced Creo modeling.

Best Regards,

Vladimir Palffy

List of Sheetmetal tutorials:

  1. How to create Extrude feature
  2. How to create Revolve feature
  3. How to create Flat Wall feature
  4. How to define custom Edge Treatment with Flat feature
  5. How to create Flange Wall feature
  6. How to use Bend feature
  7. How to create Cuts
  8. How to create and use Rip, Corner Relief and Conversion features
  9. How to use Extend feature
  10. How to use Join feature
  11. How to create Blend feature - Rectangle to Circle
  12. How to Convert imported geometry to Flat State
Best Regards,
Vladimir Palffy

Great, as usual


Yop @VladimirPalffy keeps the highest standard...



I'm using Creo 4 M040
I know how to convert solid parts to sheet metal and unbend them but there are more often parts which includes different types of forms and converting is very tricky. I cannot find a proper tool of Flexible Modeling tools that helps me on converting solid part to sheet metal.

For this example to the part has designed roller forming. Creo does not recognize the part when trying to convert it to sheet metal as picking Driving surface. One way to do it of course it is to convert it as a surface, copy surfaces, convert to sheet metal and use offset tool. But then the inner surface between the roller features leaves out. And when leaving the inner surface after copying and offsetting, the sheet metal part does not unfold because the sheet metal part is divided.


My question is how to convert it to sheet metal with forming features and unfold it?

Thanks for all the wonderful tutorials!!

Any link on how to create the "Bend / Roll" feature in Creo?

Any link on tutorial for "Creo Surfacing"?



23-Emerald II

This is the best list of general tutorials I have seen:

I don't know if it has specific info bend/roll features or for surfacing.

Thank you very much for these tutorials!

Very informative and very clearly explained!


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