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Creo 4 Modelcheck for Paramters


Creo 4 Modelcheck for Paramters

Hello All,


I'm working on modelcheck implementation for our projects and have a couple of questions. Can any one help me  to fix?


1) I need to set up the below listed parameters as per our company standards for parts and assembly.


  • Description_1
  • Description_2
  • Description_3
  • Material_1
  • Material_2
  • Material_3
  • Drawn By
  • Checked By
  • Engineered By
  • Part Number
  • Drawing Number
  • I have added these parameters in my start file as shown but I could not able to succeed. 

2) we have a drawing format  which is sheet 1 contains all the notes info and parameters information like drawn by, engineered by..etc and second sheet it has the description and revision info alone. I have added my standard format name to start file and tested some unstandardized formats. When I run the model check it is showing error in modelcheck window it is asking me to add the start file listed formats and it is working fine for replacing with company standard format sheet1 alone . But if the drawing has multiple sheets as mentioned above sheet 1 and sheet 2 are different. Second sheet also it replacing with sheet 1 any suggestions how to fix the issue?

3) Is there any option to check the blanked models in the assembly drawing?