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Creo Not working please need support


Creo Not working please need support

I am using Creo Parametric - Release 6.0 (connected) Release 6.0 and Datecode6.0.2.0

Dear Sir,

One of our system in design having CREO issues as described in below points. Please help us to resolve them asap.

1. Creo dimension text in drawing unable to modified or overwrite.
2. From window to window switching, we have to click several times to jump onto another window.
3. Texture and alignment of text inside the format is not ok even after selecting the correct format used in another system.

System No:- DW-1001-0017
Plant location :- IMT Manesar
Plant Name – UNO Minda Switch Division

Here are the errors that I faced
Please find below the required Screenshots.

21-Topaz I

You are facing issues with Creo 6.0 Connected.

First things first, the screenshots are nowhere to be found. Can you attach them by modifying your post or in your next reply.


Second when you say connected do you mean that the session is connected to Windchill? if yes let's proceed by elimination and download all files on hard drive and see if the issue happens then. If yes then it is unrelated to the connection.

What graphics card does the computer have in it?

How much memory does the computer have?

How many open windows does the user have when they experience these issues?

Attention: Creo 7.0 Customers
Please consider upgrading
End of Life announcement here.

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