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Creo Parametric 3.0 Keyboard Accelerators (Hotkeys)

23-Emerald IV

Creo Parametric 3.0 Keyboard Accelerators (Hotkeys)

Here is a collection of known keyboard accelerators (hotkeys) for Creo Parametric 3.0


Accelerator Name Description
Ctrl+K Hyperlink Add, edit, or remove a hyperlink to the selected text.
Ctrl+G Regenerate Regenerate the model.  In drawing mode also redraws all views.
Ctrl+F Find Search for, filter, and select items in the model by rules.
Ctrl+A Activate Activate this window.  (Should not be necessary in Creo 3 - windows are supposed to automatically activate.)
Ctrl+N New Create a new model
Ctrl+O Open Open an existing model.
Ctrl+S Save Save the opened model.
Ctrl+P Print Print the active object.
Ctrl+Z Undo

Undo the last action.  (Only valid for certain actions.)

Ctrl+Y Redo Redo the last action.  (Only possible if undo was used.  Not "repeat".)
Ctrl+C Copy Copy
Ctrl+V Paste Paste  (Not the same as "paste special".)
Ctrl+D Standard Orientation Display the object in a standard orientation.
Ctrl+F1 Hide Ribbon Toggles display of the ribbon on and off.
F10 or Alt Activate Shortcut Keys Activate (and display) shortcut keys for all displayed commands.
Ctrl+R Repaint Redraw the current view.
DEL Delete Delete the currently selected item.


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