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Did You Know? PTC Creo 3.0 Edition - Part 2!

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Did You Know? PTC Creo 3.0 Edition - Part 2!

Day 2 of PTC Live Global was filled to brim with PTC Creo content. For those unable to make it here some of the highlights from the most important sessions:

2014 Technology Update:
Michael Campbell discussed the PTC Creo product strategy as well as many of the new PTC Creo 3.0 enhancements during his keynote session. He highlighted the “outstanding multi-CAD interoperability” now available with Unite technology. This technology will help support use cases around multi-CAD consolidation and collaboration. Other key enhancements across the product suite include:

  • Improvements to PTC Creo Sketch – including availability on the iPAD
  • Completely overhauled Getting Started experience
  • Help center with Google-like search capabilities
  • CommandFinder tool which has now been extended to SolidWorks
  • Expanded, context sensitive content in the PTC Creo Learning Connector

During this presentation, PTC customers Raytheon and Toyota shared case studies around their use of  PTC Creo.

facebook day 2. image 3.png

Michael Campbell discussing improvments to PTC Creo Sketch

PTC Creo Layout:

Raphael Nascimento, Product Manager, led a break-out session on improvements to PTC Creo Layout 3.0. Some highlights included:

  • New Sublayouts improve scalability and improve collaborative concept development
  • New data sharing feature to improve the Integration of 2D designs from PTC Creo Layout with 3D models in PTC Creo Parametric
  • Improved sketching and the ability to work with larger layouts faster

PTC Creo Simulate:

This  break-out session covering PTC Creo Simulate focused on improvements around Contact/Friction analysis:

  • Sliding Contact with Friction
  • Finite friction for individual contact interfaces
  • Different coefficients for Static and Dynamic friction
  • Automatic calculation of maximum tangential
    traction, normal force, contact area, slippage coefficients
  • All new results creation workflows and user experience

Stay tuned to our recap of day 3 at PTC Live Global from a PTC Creo perspective

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