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Dimensioning Patterns on Drawings


Dimensioning Patterns on Drawings

Good afternoon,
Many of our older (non-Pro/E) drawings have groups of holes dimensioned in
the form:

'n' HOLES TAP M10x1.5 THRO' ON AN EQUAL PITCH OF 'x' = 'y'

In this case, y=x(n-1)

When I create a regular dimensional pattern in Pro/E, I can readily show the
'n' and 'x' parameters, but not the 'y'.
If I change the pattern to a table, I have 'n' and 'y', but not 'x'.
If I create the 'y' and 'x' dimensions in the drawing, I cannot embed the
'n' parameter, because I cannot associate a parameter with the note of a
created dimension.

Is there a way, without creating relations in the part or in the drawing, to
have Pro/E volunteer these three numbers so that I can show them on a

By the way, the reasoning behind this form of dimensioning goes like this:
Each individual x pitch has its own general tolerance applied to it, but the
overall dimension also has its own general tolerance applied to it, thus
telling the manufacturer that it is not acceptable for all the x dimensions
to be on top tolerance in the same direction. (I think that probably makes
the 'non-cumulative' note redundant, as well, but that's another argument)

WF2, M220

I suspect I already know the answer...


John Wayman, C.Eng, FIED
Senior Mechanical Engineer

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