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Dimensions not moving on first try - just me?


Dimensions not moving on first try - just me?


Since WF4, I've noticed that quite often (but not every time!), the following happens:

  • I select a dimension
  • I hover over it such that the cursor changes to the "Move" four-way arrow
  • I click and drag - and the dimension doesn't move
  • I try again and it usually moves on the second try.

That was initially under XP x64; it still happens under Win 7 Pro x64. My colleague is currently working in WF5 / Creo 0 under Win 7, and feels that this problem is even worse in WF5.

Have other people noticed this? Have PTC acknowledged it? Does it still happen in Creo 2?

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You have hit a real pet peeve on this one. Even in Creo 2.0, I find myself not grabbing what I clearly intend to grab. Actually, it was worse pre-M040... really bad in M010 where the mouse focus became shifted from the screen click as much as a 1/2" or so. The only way you would know this is through pre-highlighting.

The problem is that we seem to need to pick lit pixels... not a specific bounding box for certain picks. The price for fewer mouse clicks seems to be many more mis-clicks

So for the most part Creo 2.0 M040 is fairly stable about screen location, but actually grabbing what you want still requires a higher level of accuracy than one would think would be required.

Well, if the actual pick area to move is limited to certain pixels, then it's really poor UI design to have the mouse cursor change if you're not over one of those pixels.

There seems little point me raising a call as I can only vouch for WF4; but if anyone who's experienced this in Creo 2 would care to start hassling PTC, it might just help...

Text notes are worse ...

to HIGHLIGHT the note you have to click exactly on one of the LINES of text

between the letters is OK, between the lines is NOT, end of lines NOT

once its highllighted you get a green rectangle around the text

but then you again cant just click anywhere in the rectangle to drag it - same rules apply

Whats worse, if you click in any of the NOT regions you end up deselecting the Note and

selecting the VIEW behind, you then have to get out of the VIEW context. But if you are

zoomed in, you dont know you have selected the VIEW and on it goes.

At first I thought I was a klutz but when you disect it its the programmer thats the klutz

This interface behaviour is very unforgiving - its basic low level stuff and its not right !

and this is CREO 2 ...