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Drawing export to template


Drawing export to template

Really simple..... or it should be .... and is very simple in every other program i have used. 

I want to save the current drawing as a temple for use with other drawings.

I cant save a copy or the "default" model locks it. 


Its crazy its not just a simple export option .... like all other software?





for a new creo user, it may be difficult to figure out where to start.


there are layer of setting thing up in creo:


there are formats - tables, and frames that are printed on drawing

template drawing - a drawing that is empty - w/o part, that has (A4, A3, etc.) and selected format (see above), (both should match)


location of format, template drawing - should be set in your



pro_format_dir x:\lib\creo_templates\

template_drawing x:\lib\creo_templates\default.drw

template_part x:\lib\creo_templates\default.prt

template_assembly x:\lib\creo_templates\default.asm


there are many other options: materials, fonts, drawing settings, print settings, colors, etc.

prepare in one place folder structure and add it to -


there are videos that will walk you through:


For some time you will just keep adding things to your config you want to be set, till you will not have to return to it


Send our regards to the company that sold you creo with marvelous support in initial setting it up.

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