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Economic growth through Marketing.


Economic growth through Marketing.

Has Business become the polite word for greed?

Creo in your bid to improve design and engineering awareness have you considered a single stand alone license focused at primarily start up businesses?

Individuals with brains overflowing with productive ideas and potential new products (speaking from personal experiences) are treated with little or no respect.

I fully understand that you (Creo) should increase product awareness and generate profits like any business but think back to how you once started.....

with limited equity.

The standard platforms you offer are reasonable prices for Corporate companies whom generate large profit margins. In today's economic climate it is incredibly challenging for startup and small business to join the market transforming ideas into potentials products that larger companies can benefit from.

The new and upcoming Creo Elements Direct Express App is tailored towards these needs, however, is too restricted in terms of surface, direct modeling and presentation. Engineering can not increase if the bottleneck lies with the underdog, the designer.

I can personally see an opening in the market for a stand alone seat for new companies that generate profit margin up to a certain threshold.

Some food for thought improving Customer Services


Premier seats > £xxxx

Professional seats < £xxxx


Student Edition plus 1 year commercial licence

Corporate Edition

The huge face lift that Pro Engineer or PTC Creo has made or is making that these ideas could be beneficial for all users. The products that Creo offer today are second to none, they are exception products and Apps, market leaders in the CAD Industry. Benefiting all user groups has got be more profitable than just the Corporate upper range!

I am an experienced user of 3D CAD Apps and SubD modelers however I find it incredibly challenging alternating between ten different Apps to create Organic and Parametric surfaces, models and prototypes. With Creo products I can work on everything in one platform, thus problem solved, clearer thinking and more time spent do things I enjoy!

If it wasn't for passion and determination I wouldn't be expressing my views.

Do you agree or disagree? Have I missed something somewhere? Please post your views.

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Re: Economic growth through Marketing.

I completely agree with you. Creo is most of everything under one roof but buying all the necessary modules just for time effective CAD work pulls out alot of money from one person's pocket.