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Fast Facts! Quick Tips for Using PTC Creo - Drawings Part 3


Fast Facts! Quick Tips for Using PTC Creo - Drawings Part 3

Today’s “Fast Facts!” post focuses on advanced drawing update commands and BOM tables. This content is intended to provide users with easy-to-use, actionable tips and tricks for how to use PTC Creo more effectively. These tips come from Evan Winter, an expert in our PTC Creo training group.


1. Advanced Drawing Update Commands

Some WF4 drawings may have errors or outdated standards when retrieved in newer releases. The commands below can be used to update drawings as described.


Detail Options:

  1. File
  2. Prepare
  3. Drawing Properties
  4. Detail Options
    • User_command delete_erased_dimensions
    • User_command delete_erased_axes
    • User_command clean_duplicate_axes
    • User_command update_note_text_padding
    • Update_drawing 1808656 (remove extra spaces in basic dimensions)
    • Update_drawing 2119624 (Crosshatching break across text)
    • Update_drawing 2140864 (secondary dimensions show at maximum decimal places)
    • Update_drawing all (applies all updates. Use caution as this command may make more changes than are desired)


Config.sup Options

    • enable_auto_drawing_update yes *(required to use the options below)
    • auto_drawing_update all
    • auto_drawing_update_command delete_erased_axes
    • auto_drawing_update_command delete_erased_dimensions

2. Sorting BOM tables by Assembly Sequence

Repeat Regions in BOM tables often sort alphabetically rather than by assembly sequence. This can be changed through the Repeat Region Attributes.


  1. Under Table
  2. Repeat region
  3. Attributes select the table region
  4. No dup/Level
  5. Recursive
  6. bln by part
  7. No cbl Info
  8. done/return
  9. done


The BOM table will now be sorted by Assembly sequence.



Stayed tuned as we cover more PTC Creo commands, features, and shortcuts designed to help you use the product faster!


Have some ideas about what you’d like to learn more about? Send me a message or leave a comment below and we’ll write up the best ideas from the community. Thanks for reading, looking forward to all of your feedback!

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