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Flat Pattern of Hopper


Flat Pattern of Hopper



I want to flat pattern of Hopper, (please find attachment)


this created using revlove feature.. there are any other option to create it..?

i face the main issue while flatting.. there is large demormation region...


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Hi Deapk...

I was able to flatten the hopper but the "right" technique here really depends upon what you're trying to achieve. If you want one cylindrical surface with a cone formed from one large piece of sheet metal, that's tricky. There are plenty of things you can create in Creo that are not actually manufacturable. Are you trying to mimic a real-world item or are you simply trying to flatten this item as a test?

The best technique for flattening this item really depends upon what you're trying to create - a real flat pattern? If so, do you have the sheet metal techs and talent to bend this thing?

I started with a simple rip to create a seam where the cylinder could be split. From there, you have several options to handle the deformation area. With more time and a better understanding of what you're after, you can go in a few different directions to create the final flat. Do you have a particular shape of geometry in mind for the flat?



Hi Deapk,

Were you able to achieve your end result based on Brian's suggestion?  If so, please mark it as the Correct Answer.



Hi, Brian..

I am working with pharmaceutical company..

we are manufacturing machine.. so in that HOPPER is the main part..

so, i want to development of the hopper part...