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Flat pattern on drawings


Flat pattern on drawings

I’m sure many of you have figured this out before but for some reason I can’t get it to work. I’m wanting to have the flat pattern (sheetmetal part) show the width and length in my title block on the drawing. (Shop uses it for the sheering size.) At the drawing (title block) level I created a note in a table, &SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_WIDTH[.1] X &SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_LENGTH[.1] which doesn’t work.


1. Part does have the flat pattern created

2. Once this feature is created Creo creates the two parameters inside the feature smt_flat_pattern_width and smt_flat_pattern_length. 3. Now comes the problem. Per PTC I have to add the feature id or feature name to the note for this to work. But I won’t know the feature id until after it’s created. Don’t want users creating this note every drawing. Next comes the feature name. Creo names this feature Flat Pattern 1, this cause a problem because of the spaces. I tried “” around it but that didn’t work either.

Short term work around:

I have to rename the flat pattern to Flat_pattern and changed my note to look like this. &SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_WIDTH:FID_Flat_pattern[.1] X &SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_LENGTH:FID_Flat_pattern[.1] So for this to work every time our users create a flat pattern they have to rename it. Pain in the bu$$. Someone please help tell me a easier way to do this or tell me a way I can maybe write a relation that this “Flat Pattern 1” equals Flat_pattern.

Creo 2 M030

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I have had a ticket in on this since last spring. (


Did you ever get this figured out? I'd like to do the same thing but I'm struggling to get it to work on every part.




I take it you have one such feature in your model, because otherwise having it in the title block wouldn't make sense.  So here's an idea (which I've confirmed works with an ordinary feature with parameters, but haven't tried to make a SMT flat plattern).  The main goal here is to never have to enter the feature ID or name.

1) In the feature, you have parameters SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_WIDTH / SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_LENGTH.

2) Make parameters MY_FLATPAT_WIDTH and MY_FLATPAT_LENGTH in the solid.

3) Tools>Relations>Feature>[the flat pattern], enter:



4) Have the title block note use &my_flatpat_width and &my_flatpat_length to get the params from the part.

Try it out?

Has anyone got something like this working? I would like to populate a BOM with the SMT_FLAT_PATTERN_WIDTH and LENGTH. Without having to use the pid

A similar question was solved here: Feature Parameters into Drawing Note


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