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Full Installation Feedback

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Full Installation Feedback

My notes (questions) from a full installation using the .exe:

Requirements for installation indicate support for only Chrome 51 and Firefox 45 which is different than the standard ThingWorx requirements doc noting that MANY manufacturers do not allow/support installation of browsers other than Internet Explorer

Apache Tomcat is not actually "installed" to easily find components (like the Configuration and/or Monitor) and moreover it's buried in the install directory In a PTC_Servlet_Engine directory and the executables themselves re-named  "ThingworxServer". The primary issue is that this is not matching the installation guide but secondarily it's completely different than a standard ThingWorx platform install - possibly a bigger support issue?

The link in the guide/doc for the 'test' install (the console mashup) is not correct (http vs https) and includes extra spaces...i.e. it cant be clicked or copy/pasted into the browser URL

The installation configures the web server with a connector configured to use SSL port 443 but the self signed cert is not verified/valid and prompts a user navigate unsafely to the link

The configuration guide instructs the user to set the KEPServerEX "Disable Encryption" property to "Yes" for testing but this will cause the server to error on connecting tot he ThingWorx instance as it's set to use SSL encryption (port 443)

Much of the configuration specified in the install guide (section 4) is already done, also see note above about Tomcat references

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Do you have a link to the standard ThingWorx requirements doc? I to am concerned about the lack of IE support for the same reason, but was told by the team that TWX didn't support IE. If that's not true, than 100% agree.

I'll look into the Tomcat install. I'm not sure why we would have done this.

Good catch. The link needs to be https, and it should be easier to copy/click.

Question for you on SSL. We can only install with a self-signed cert, otherwise we create a lot of friction as part of the install process for the user to provide a CA signed cert. Being 'secure' by default is always a good story. Would you recommend we stay with the current approach OR default to http?

Good catch on 'Disable encryption'. We will fix this.

The top of that section says 'only needed if not using the installer', but we should try and make this more obvious.


IE support is a must and we should be aligned with standard platform support matrix. I know for the fact Creo View does not support Chrome for some reason. In consistency amony different extensions will be a nightmare for services and support. Below is the link for supported platform (page 9)

Perfect. I'll bring this back to R&D and we'll support IE 11+ like the doc states.

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