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GD&T annotation dissapears from drawing


GD&T annotation dissapears from drawing

Here is the problem.  I have seen this on a number of drawings now, so I need to find a solution.   The problem can not be replicated in new parts consistently though, so it is odd.

Issue:  changing or modifying a GD&T tolerance block in a part or assembly removes the GD&T block AND the dimension it was attached to from the drawing.

Basic workflow to create the issue I see:

Create part with dimensions, attach GD&T in part to appropriate dimensions in sketches

Show model annotations on drawing to put proper dimension and GD&T block on drawing

Edit GD&T block to change a value

Dimension and GD&T block disappears from drawing and no longer shows up with show model annotations, and there is absolutely no way to get it back that I have found.

Because of this, I am forced to create dimensions in the drawing itself to get around this issue.    Sometimes I have to create a completely new part/drawing and start over when I absolutely must fix it correctly.

any ideas?

Has shown up on Creo 2 M60, M130 and M200




Hi Greg,

It's either in the drawing or model (I think it's the model) where the GDT ends up under the Annotation drop down in the model tree.

Expand the Annotations drop down and highlight each one till you find the missing dim/GDT.

Once you find it remove it from the Annotations drop down list.  The Dimension and GDT symbol should now appear back on the drawing.

For some reason some of them end up tie to the Annotations drop down list which hides them.

Hope this helps,

Don Anderson

Thanks for this solution.  Seems simple enough, yet I had to go looking for an answer to a question I shouldn't have had to ask.  🙂  Thanks again, problem solved.


Take a look at your layers.  If the GD&T is automatically added to a layer and that layer is turned off in the drawing it will not display.

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