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Holes following 3D-curve


Holes following 3D-curve

Hi guys,


I'm using Creo 3.0 and I'm designing a dummy windscreen for a truck. One of the difficulties I'm dealing with at the moment is to create some holes in the dummy.

I'd like to create a pattern of 4 holes which is following the outside edge of the windscreen at a given distance and perpendicular to it. Is there a way to do this. Keep in mind that the edge of the windscreen is curved in 3D.

This dummy is designed in sheet-metal but I started with a "surface".



It should be possible.


Use intent datum references to make the pattern more robust (optional but suggested steps 1&2) use the intent refs where possible for all features related to the pattern(s)


1) Create an intent reference for the perimeter curve used to drive the locations

2) Create an intent reference for the quilt containing all surfaces that the holes will be normal to

3) Create a datum point on the perimeter curve using offset real dimension option

4) Pattern this datum point using the offset dimension

5) Create the 4 holes paying attention to the references so you can use a reference pattern to place them

6) Group the features needed to get the first set of 4 holes

7) Pattern the group in step 6 using the reference option (datum point pattern drives location of each group of holes)


This is a essentially the same general problem, it is in Creo4 so I did not post the model but it should give an idea of how it works.


Perimeter driven pattern on a solidPerimeter driven pattern on a solid


Model tree for referenceModel tree for reference

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