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How can I create a reference pattern of curves between two point pattern on curves


How can I create a reference pattern of curves between two point pattern on curves

I would like to create a reference patten of curves based on two existing pattern of points on two different curves (on different datum planes). It is only working for one of two point pattern. All curves are coming from on single point.


These are the steps I would like to do to get the pattern:

  1. Create two curves on parallel datum planes
  2. Create the first point pattern (all points on the curve with the same distance to each other)
  3. Create the second point pattern on the second curve
  4. Connect one point from the first pattern with another from the second
  5. Create a reference pattern with that curve (that is the thing that is not working)
  6. Create a sweep on the curve and have another reference pattern

Has somebody an idea, how to get such reference pattern of the curve?





Reference patterns won't follow more than one reference.  It's going to follow the first pattern selected and ignore the second.


If you can find a way to create the second point pattern as a reference to the first, you might get this to work.  Based on your image, that's not going to be easy.


The best you are going to be able to do is create the two point patterns and then manually create the individual sweep features between them.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thanks for your feedback,

that is how we did it in the end.

It woult be nice to have something like a reference 1 and reference 2 selection for the pattern.

I just ran across an example of this. Wish it would work like that but there doesn't seem to be a solution other than the one Doug suggested. Lots of work because I have 117 point on each curve. I tried creating a point on each curve as one feature and patterning them together, no luck. I tried grouping, no luck. So, no good solution that I could find.

You need to embed the datum points in the curve, then pattern the whole feature in one pattern.

  1. Create your two curves/sketches/loops/whatever.
  2. Create a new curve through points.
  3. While you have that tool open (so you're selecting the points to go through), make a new point and place it at one of your loops. Click OK. That point is added as your first point.
  4. Add a new point in your curve through points and repeat the process.
  5. OK on the curve. Your two datum points should be embedded in the curve.
  6. Make a dimension pattern on the curve. Increment BOTH the position dimensions (one for each point). EDIT: To be clear, both should be incremented within the same "direction". Hold down CTRL to add more than one dimension to the same direction.

You can also embed your points by simply dragging them into the curve. This assumes they have been used to create the curve and have not been used for anything else.




(I only realized now that you uploaded a part. I just made my own, but it should work.)