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How to Retrieve pervious iterations of a prt. model?


How to Retrieve pervious iterations of a prt. model?

Good Morning Users,

Within windchill and creo elements , how does one obtain access to pervious iterations of a part model within your workspace.

Ie, the model been saved 5 times, but reached a dead end. Wish to return to the third saved model. Still possible?

With wildfire3 had access to xxx.prt.6

Could select xxx.prt.4

Thx Fred Topham

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hi fred

could you please explain either you have six times checked in the part and have six lteration and you want to go to earlier lteration

or you have six times just saved in workspace and you want to to go to a stage of 3rd save?


Good Morning K.Mahanta,

These iterations are all within the workspace. no check-in/check-out events.

And the workspace is online with windchill.

So ProE saved the part 6 times , now we desire to reuse the 3th iteration.

Thx Fred

Hi Fred

As per my understanding

while working in windchill

Iterations are generated when you checkout-modify-checkin a part or drw or asm

If you have not checed out /modified/checked in the part ;it will not creat any iteration

If you are working in workspace ; then saving 5 times will not creat 5 iterations in workspace

K. Mahanta

Good Morning K.Mahata,

Sorry, my mistake, for choicing the word iteration, but my not sure how to call it.

My quest is to retrieve the 3th saved proe model, when this particular model has been saved 6 times. Saving is within the ProE environment only and you are

just online with windchill.

We are currently using Creo. But before the cache structure, like in wildfire3. It was possible to externally go to the workspace folder and see all 6

saved models. ie,







And using windows rename, just renaming xxx.prt.3 into tryagain.prt and develop the part into another point of view.

This is a strong feature of Pro, to help with iterations of design. How is this feature handle now within Creo.

Thx for helping out, Fred

Hi Fred

As per my knowledge(Please correct me If I am wrong)

Only one version is saved in workspace

You can not go back to eariler saved point; Beacause new version overrides the exhisting one in workspace when you save again

No iterations are created in workspace till you checkin the modified data.

So you need to checkin the data when you think that the modification is necessary later.


K. Mahanta

Hi Ken,

If you have workspace frames enabled in Windchill, then you can go back to the previously saved version in your workspace. There is a nice tutorial on using workspace frames here:



Hi Fred....

Allan Thompson's reply is spot on. If you have frames enabled in Windchill, you CAN go back and see other iterations of objects saved to your workspace. This is done through the Event Manager. Allan referenced a tutorial that demonstrates the process.

However, if you do not have frame enabled, you may STILL be able to go back. In the past you could see into the .proi folders in the old Pro/INTRALINK 3.x These folders are now encrypted. You can no longer see individual files. Yet you may still be able to EXPORT your workspace from the Server Manager window. PTC may be able to pull out the 3rd iteration for you.

It's my understanding that the workspaces still retain those old iterations, but without the frames enabled, you cannot get to them. PTC may be able to pull out this old iteration for you. There's a third party company somewhere out there (cannot recall the name) that sells a product which de-crypts the new workspace directories. My point is that the files you need are IN that workspace... but without frames you may need to seek support from PTC to retrieve the file.

In many cases, it's probably easier to recreate the part than sacrifice the time and resources to pursue these other options. Hopefully you have frames enabled!

Good luck!!


Hi Allan

Thank you for correcting my answer

Woskspace frames is really a good concept




what are the steps to get a previous iteration of a part.

We have a part checked in, and in the history tab, we have 6 different versions.







i want to get to 2.1, how can i add that iteration to my workspace, so i can overright the changes we have done.

Admin settings does allow for checkout of older versions.  so we did verify that.  i just cant seem to get 2.1 into my workspace.


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