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How to change the series for part, drawing and model


How to change the series for part, drawing and model

I am using Creo Parametric Release 8.0 and Datecode8.0.3.0

We want to give our own series for Part, assembly and drawing. For example if we start new part, then its name is coming as prt0001.prt but we want same to start with SSI_00_00 like this. This same name should come for drawing
(in stead of drw0001.drw). Kindly advise the for the same.

23-Emerald II

You will need to modify the OIR for the proper documents and change the default naming prefix.

Caution on using Auto-Numbering: It will waste many numbers when you do renames as it populates all items with the new numbers before you tell the system which parts you are reusing and not copying to new numbers.


if you use Creo Parametric without Widchill then you have to setup yout own mechanism how to assign name to Creo object. Creo will not help you to solve this situation,

Martin Hanák

Hello @DP_10207612 


We confirm this as not part of current capabilities in standalone sessions of Creo Parametric. There is a worakround effective if you consider a development with JLink:

  • Documented in article 287863
  • With limitations however, because:
    • possible ONLY when approaching File creation using >File >New
    • and not differently, like >Component >Create for instance in Assembly Mode


Note: We won't be able to provide further guidance in the direction of a "develoment from Scratch" using JLink capabilities. If you have JLink licenses, and would like to pursue efforts in this direction, you will probably need some help from one of PTC Partners for this development.


Another possible approach (outside from Toolkit/Jlink developments) could be to:

  1. Register different Mapkeys (for instance 3 mapkeys registering >File >New >Part  , >File >New >Assembly and >File >New >Drawing)
  2. Begins to write something (the prefix you're expecting)
  3. And stopping BEFORE pressing Ok.


I mean, something looking like little movie attached. Just consider that at the end of the movie (not recorded). Just consider few other suggestions (not shown in the mocie):

  • I did not reconfigure the icons for each new object, but action is:
    • easy to du upon Customize Screen
    • suggested to make clearer guidance upon creation of new objects (and avoid by this way  duplicated icons doing different things)
  • you should care about following steps to ensure not losing this upon successive startup:
    • Don't forget to Save the mapkeys in your
    • Ensure Creo_Parametric_Customization.ui will be read upon startup






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