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How to modify model tab ?


How to modify model tab ?


I would like to modify the display of the model tab. in CreoView -> Screenshot in attachment.

In fact I would like to add 2 parameters in the same line.

In order to do it, I need concerned parameter I want to add in this line. So, I have it!

I'm able to add one parameter. But I'm not able to add 2 parameters.

So, I modified "admin_prefs.xml" like that to have at least 1 active parameter.

"category name="Navigation">   

   <preference name="enable_preselection_highlighting" value="False"/>  <!-- Désactive la présélection -->

   <preference name="navigation_model" value="pro/engineer" locked="true"/>  <!-- Choix du type de navigation -->

   <preference name="alt_part_name_enable" value="True"/> <!-- Modification de l'arbre modèle: position + code article -->

   <preference name="AltProp2Group" value="__treeFilterPartName"/>

   <preference name="AltProp1Group" value="PROE Component Parameters"/>

   <preference name="AltProp2Name" value=""/>

   <preference name="AltProp1Name" value="Line Number"/>

   <preference name="AltText3" value=""/>

   <preference name="AltText2" value=" - "/>

   <preference name="AltText1" value=""/>


I don't know if it's possible to add more than 1 parameter in this line.

What do you think about ?

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