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How to wrap a "Fill" (2D) surface over a cylinder?


How to wrap a "Fill" (2D) surface over a cylinder?

Dear All,

Could you please guide me on wrapping a 2d surface  over a cylinder?

Currently I am proceeding with wrapping 2d curve and building model. but I would like to know is their any way to wrap the surface?




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2D surfaces can be created with "Fill".

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the helping hands!

I would like to wrap the 2d-surface (by fill) around a cylinder. ( similar sketch "wrap" option)



Create a datum plane on top of the cylinder and use that plane to create your Fill feature.  you can reference or Project the cylinder to your new plane.

In order to enclose a volume for solidifying, you will need to Merge individual surfaces together to create a "Quilt".

Also note that for surface extrudes, there is an Option to cap the ends.  This too will close a surface cylinder on both ends.

Attached is an example in which I wrapped a closed sketch around a solid cylinder, and then copied the surface of the cylinder and trimmed it using the wrapped sketch.  Hope this helps.

Thank you Tyler. But my requirement is different...

Do you want to make it like a label on a food can?

Respected Sirs,

I am checking the "wrap" vs"project" option behavior in creo.

Background of project:

I have a "development sketch"   of a airfoil profile, and I am getting deviation in wrapping the sketch  over cylinder (Hub) with different co-ordinate systems...I am suspecting model may deviate from design intent . even though  logically "wrap" option make sense than project...

So I would like to validating the wrap(sketch) option with any other "3D wrap" surface option, if any such options are available in Creo?

Thanks a lot!

Kind Regards,


You can create the airfoil in the cylindrical coordinate system directly by using graph and equation driven datum curve.

Hi sir,

Yes. I can...

But ,Just I am very curious to know, Does Creo have any capability on "Wrapping the Surface"  similar to wrap sketch?

Kind Regards,


If you think I know that it can do it why would I ignore that and give an alternate answer?

Well said Sir!  Whatever ideas we are generating under this thread ,will definitely help others for future reference.

Only because of people like you guys ,the forum like this is running effectively. It is greatly appreciated that with out any self interest you all are finding time to help others across the sea, on your busy schedule...

Kind regards,


The only surface wrapping in Creo that I am aware of is quilt deformation and some of the bend options like spinal bend or toroidal bend.

There is also shrinkwrap.

In general, you develop the surface and then wrap a sketch onto that surface. 

Ok. Thank you sir!

I prepared this screenshot before I noticed that Antonius already suggested using the spinal bend tool:


In a similar manner, you can also deform 2d surfaces made with the fill tool.

Thank you very much Sir!