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Keep original Common Name during Save a Copy


Keep original Common Name during Save a Copy

When I copy a model, specifically an assembly, I often want to copy an original part to get a new part. In many cases, the newly copied part is supposed to have the same function as the original part, e.g. a support beam wil still be a support beam, possibly with another shape or dimensions or whatever.

When I select the parts to be copied instead of reused, the initial Common Name of the original parts disappears. In an assembly with quite a lot of parts to be copied, it would be useful to allow the user to modify the initial Common Name instead of removing it, which makes it difficult to recognize the parts afterwards.



please publish your wish as Product Idea - other users wil be able to vote for it.


Martin Hanák

It's there, open for voting : Keep original Common Name during Save a Copy

Hi@StevenDumon ,
currently we are runnning into a very similar issue.
By the time you were posting this question you also posted a feature request. Did your request made it into the software? Or are you using some workarounds? I would be very interested how you managed to fulfil your needs.

Any hind is very appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ben,

I believe the option to reuse or clear the common name when saving a copy is introduced in Creo 6. I got this info from or reseller, not from PTC directly, so I'm still curious for the acual resolution.

Any work-around ? Not really, we only modif the common name slightly when copying, make sure it is obvious what the new common name must be, and start renaming in the modeltree afterwards. Just make sure you don't save and upload immediately, this makes renaming more difficult in the workspace instead of the modeltree.



Hi Steven,

thanks for the hint.
Actually I found this in the "what's new" section of CREO 6:

I will have a closer look on that and check it with our reseller.


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