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Model/Drawing Manager 18.1 M070 and Windows 10


Model/Drawing Manager 18.1 M070 and Windows 10

I know it is not supported OS, but I was wondering if anybody else has the same issue and if there is a workaround for it. I sometimes work from home using my laptop which is Toshiba Qosmio X875. I recently upgraded to windows 10 and Creo Elements Modeling and Drafting run just fine except for Model/Drawing Manager which is running and I can save to it no problem, but I cannot get it displayed on the screen. There is only its icon in the taskbar and when I click on it to open the window nothing happens.


I wonder if there is a solution for this problem.

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I have seen something like this before with my machine (win 7)  It was an issue with Java.  Did you update your Java when you updated to windows 10?  I am not guaranteeing this is the solution, but it would be one less variable.



Creo Element\Direct Modeling

Yes, Java is up to date. Previously I had an issue in Win7/8 when Model Manager would crash when been called from the taskbar (say it is minimized and then user tries to open a window and it crashes) - PTC was able to fix that for me - I had to add a line to the run.bat and disable d3d. But now I cannot open a window any single time. I went thru the run.bat and checked every line in it, tried to comment them out and checked screen settings, but nothing worked. Also tried to run MM with built in Intel graphics as well as with Nvidia - no luck there either. All drivers are up to date. I think it is a windows rendering related issue.


Support for Windows 10 is *planned* for 18.1M090 and is already available with 19.1M040

However, PTC only lists CED Modeling and not Model Manager.


Concerning JAVA:

Model Manager uses the JRE within the Installation Directory.

Therefore, it doesn't help to update Java on your Windows 10.

You will probably need to wait until PTC releases 18.1M090

You may try to replace the JRE within the MM Installation - but of course this is completely unsupported.

PTC has updated the KB article on Jan 11, 2016

Modeling, Drafting and ModelManager 19.0M040 are now listed as supported on Windows 10

Please note that several 3D Import/Export Converters are NOT supported on Windows 10


PTC has released 19.0M050 meanwhile.

The KB article has been updated. See:

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