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Need a SolidWorks and Creo competitive benchmark report


Need a SolidWorks and Creo competitive benchmark report

Hello everyone,


I don't want to start a flame war, just looking for a link to any objective studies between Creo and SolidWorks.


As my company's CAD admin I'm being asked for a objective 3rd party benchmark comparison of features and productivity for Creo and SolidWorks.  There is a desire to switch to SolidWorks because of a merger bringing in some SolidWorks data and people.  Plus based on resumes received I'm being told contractor availability in Creo is poor and contractor availability in SolidWorks is excellent.  What is the best path forward?


We are an engineer to order company with highly engineered subsea products from simple systems to very large complicated systems.  We have need for capabilities beyond creating a solid model and it's associated drawing.


Does anyone know of a study comparing SolidWorks to Creo when looking at it from some different perspectives:

  1. Direct engineering department productivity and abilities to manage large assemblies that contain over 13,000 parts?
    • I've heard statements like it can take 37% less time in Creo than SW when using equally trained operators in either platform.
  2. CAD Software fit into up and downstream engineering and product development activities including:
    • Concept design sketches.
    • Technical publications and service publications.
    • Lightweight viewing design interrogation (interference detection, optional module automatic placement etc.)
    • Schematics, Cabling, Piping.
    • Direct modelling in a multi-cad environment.
    • Engineering Calculation connectivity (MathCAD <> Creo connection) etc.


Other details:

  • Factually: We have many years and over 275GB of Creo data.


Any links to published comparison studies would be great.  Please limit your comments to any links to benchmark comparison studies or direct experiences of a company switching one way or the other.  There's plenty of forum discussions around the internet of people switching platforms and hating the new platform as they learn the tool, that's life.  Cad software does a little more than your smartphone, it's going to take a bit of training to be able to do more advanced things.


I did find PTC Creo Elements/Direct vs SolidWorks - CAD Software Comparison but it was missing many features of Creo and possibly SolidWorks so it wasn't useful because it is not complete.


Thanks again.

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