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Nvidia issue ?


Nvidia issue ?

Hi Alls,
From several days, I can't use Creo 2 anymore.
It seems to be a video driver problem (Nvidia Geforce), not sure.
It's on an Asus Notebook that worked well for several weeks.

Now, when I open a part or assembly, screen becomes black and Creo shut down.

I've tied reinstall older drivers, not successful.
Creo 2 M250.



For trouble-shooting try setting the option:



If that solves the issue, then it is definitely a video card problem (driver or hardware).

I don't believe that's a supported platform or graphics card, but with that being said I know that it often does work. We have had a number of computers develop problems over the last several months where apparently due to a Windows 10 update the graphics drivers (both Intel and other) had to be updated. In addition Ben Loosli recently had a thread about a graphics problem due to a issue.

Nvidia GeForce series cards are gaming cards and are designed to use DirectX.

Nvidia Quadro series cards are CAD level and designed to use OpenGL.


GeForce cards do work for CAD applications, but they become limited in how many parts may be open or graphics turns black. Use the win32_gdi setting to see if that helps. It basically disables the graphics card from generating the display and forces the CPU to do all the processing.


If it worked for a while then quit, what has changed? OS patch, new software added to the machine, etc?



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