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When you're asked to create an IGES or STP file for whatever reason (e.g.. sending to customer, machine shop), how do you address Proprietary?



This message (including any attachments) contains

confidential and/or proprietary information intended

only for the addressee. Any unauthorized disclosure,

copying, distribution or reliance on the contents of this

information is strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation

of law. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the

sender immediately by responding to this e-mail, and delete the

message from your system. If you have any questions about this

e-mail please notify the sender immediately.

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Once chips start coming out of the machine, proprietary is over, so what's the worry?

There's always the usual NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

It does leave the following question - if a company has an NDA, and they accept data into their system, how do they maintain that data while managing long-term backups if the agreement requires disposal of the data after a time limit (end of bid time, end of contract, particular date?)

Are there vaulting solutions that allow expiration of data that prevent major backups from containing proprietary data, while still keeping a backup that is only valid for limited times?


I would be far more worried about *any* possibility of deletions in
backups, than about possible NDA-sensitive models on a backup tape
somewhere in a vault.

Since the backup will contain all company critical data of the company
you do business with, you can probably rest assured that your
NDA-sensitive models will be properly protected, unless you are dealing
with a really shabby company, in which case your NDA agreement is
useless anyway.

Very old backup tapes are likely destroyed, since after 10 years or so
the stored data will have become quite useless anyway.

Hey and if you really don't trust them, send your QA dept on their back