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Offset Lines in exploded view - Why no "Redefine" or "Pattern" options

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Offset Lines in exploded view - Why no "Redefine" or "Pattern" options

Creo 2.0 M070 - Offset Lines in exploded view

I've been doing explodes for many years and I have always wondered why?

Why isn't there a "Redefine" option for an offset line that was working fine but is now broken because of a replaced component? I find the only choice here is to delete the old broken offset line and recreate it even if only one of the end attachment definitions is invalid.

Why isn't there a "Pattern" option when creating offset lines - even if the only pattern type available is "Reference"? I often have a reference pattern of fasteners assembled to a pattern of holes all exploded off together. The only choice is to create each offset line individually when what I really want to do is to create the first one and pattern the rest following the reference.

Why is it that the only place anywhere in the software that requires you to explicitly "save" after completing a redefine (soft) is at the end of an exploded view edit? Everywhere else when you complete a definition with an OK or and APPLY you are DONE. The constraints are complete and saved when the file is saved. Not so in the world of exploded views. Here, when you end an "edit" your changes only stick while the model is in session even if you file/save. You have to deliberatly use the save option burried inside View Manager's Explode Edit tab. It (the "save" option) never shows on the way out of the explode state define/redefine. You have to go to a different/unscene menu pick to find it. It just seems so inconsistant with the rest of the define/redefine paradigm used in Creo.

I think the main reason is that this functionality is "intended" and PTC believes it works and doesn't need to be continually developed and improved. I see this in many areas of the software, they get it most of the way and there it sits - unfinished. I still get occurance when Menu Manager (of all things) pops up and were back to the old days before the ribbon. Pro/Process is the other best example (though there are other). It hasn't been enhanced or even fix for many years. It still can't deal with a component replacement in the source assembly even if all the models affected are in session.

And that's all I have to say about that ...

Sorry for the rant on Friday afternoon but I had to get it off my mind before PTCUser goes over and dialogs like this are forbiden. PTC, I hope the exploder survives.


Wow, I cannot believe there are no comments on this one after all this time and no improvements in Creo 5.0. When an offset line fails in the assembly, the only way it can be repaired is to remove it and recreate it. Why can't we redefine or pick missing references for offset lines? How hard can that be?


Its nice to make a good looking explode, but its tough to manage when things start changing...


there are many threads on this exact complaint.. i wish it would be fixed..


Consider me among the disgruntled PTC customers because I can't redefine the offset lines in the exploded view.

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