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Parameter inside Repeat Region Table and &<param_name>:att_feat


Parameter inside Repeat Region Table and &<param_name>:att_feat

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what is the condition "&<param_name>:att_feat" use for?


If possible use it inside the Repeat Region Table.


Somebody, could give me a example?


Thanks in advance.

Have a nice week.




detail drawing help shows:

An object parameter that indicates the parameters of the feature to which a note is attached.

I do not have experience with it.

Best regards, Hongjie

Hi Hongjie,


True. I saw the PTC help and explain this... but I tried go the steps of example and nothing.

Will be good a Visual example


Thanks for response.

Have a nice week

Hi Gorka,

I am sorry, I never do the kinds things before, i wish some expert will show a good example soon. also I try to in spare time.

Have a good day.




That functionality is used to display feature level parameter values in leader notes.  So if the leader is attached to feature "extrude 1", the note will look for the parameter in that feature and display it in the note.


For example:

  1. Create a feature level parameter in your model.  Name the parameter "test" and enter "hello" for the value.
  2. Create a drawing and add a view.
  3. Create a leader note and attach the leader to the feature in step #1.
  4. Type "&TEST:att_feat" for the note text.
  5. The note should display "hello".

And I don't believe it can be used in repeat regions.