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Personalized BOM Harness Manufacturing with repeat region


Personalized BOM Harness Manufacturing with repeat region

Hello ,

using schematic Lite


Harness Manufacturing Advanced


i'm would like to know if it possible to modify the table (template) that is generated automatically when using Harness Manufacturing, and add more parameter.

For example the wire list is generated automatically, i know in the window Hanress Manufacturing Extension

 the TAB table we have possibility to create our own table but we don't have all parameter available in here.

the thing is the wire list is good as it is but i just want to insert a column and have 1 more info creating thru a parameter in schematic

I also tried to generate my own table with repeat region but for some reason i can't make it work

i did follow the help document :

Report Parameters for Harness Part Drawing on PTC website

but i'm not able to get the information in the table.

only thing that is working well is having & everything else (like cable name and spool, entry_port...) doesn't work.

i feel like everything creating form schematic i'm not able to have it with repeat region.

i don't know if there is specific steps may be to follow to get this.


i don't know if i'm clear with my explanation but i will appreciate some help


thanks in advance.



We ran into the same issue Cedric.


The conclusion of a lot of communication between the developers, PTC and ourselves was that it is not out of the box functionality.

I found this weird as it is out of the box functionality in Creo, and this is just a program developed in the Creo platform using the Pro Toolkit. 

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